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Signal level meter, TV meter, CATV meter

RA2009 Digital Signal level meter

5MHz to 870MHz
30dBuV to 120dBuV
Analog and digital
3.2inch, 320*240 color LCD
MER,BER, Consellations
Data storing and uploading to PC
Rubber Jacket protection

RA2009 is a state-of-the-art DVB-C QAM analyzer, it is fast, easy to use, with the most designed funcitons used for digital cable TV maintenance.

Optical power meter

RA3209 optical power meter

650nm to 1650nm
-70~+3 or -50~+26
User self calibration
PC monitoring of test data
Rubber jacket
Li-ion battery

RA3209 is an ecnormic and powerful optical power meter, user can calibrate it and remote it through PC.

May 12, 2011
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July 5, 2011

What is "TV meter"

TV meter is also named TV signal level meter, field strength meter; For satellite TV it is named satellite finder, satellite locator.

TV meter is used to evaluate, test the quality of radio and television signals as measuring instrument. This article describes the basic principles of TV meter, key features and commonly used measurements.

TV meter is commonly used in radio and television equipment in broadcasting. It is mainly used in terrestrial television, cable TV, satellite TV signal measurement and analysis. It is always an important job for its systematic evaluation and measurement to radio and television project, but the TV signal strength is the most basic measurement. Through the field strength measurements, we can have a preliminary understanding to the TV system equipment, the quality status of a network operation.

1. Basic concepts of signal level meter

Signal level meter (field strength meter) is an instrument measuring TV signal strength. Strength stands for electric field strength; it is the level of signal that antenna sensing at one point in space, to characterize the electric field strength at this point. TV signal strength measurement is actually measured by a standard antenna to receive induction territorial television signals, or directly connected to the output of the cable TV signal and read the signal strength with level meter.

Signal level meter makes dB as the unit, such as dBuV, dBmV, dBm.


November 15, 2011

What is "Optical Power Meter"

Optical power meter used to measure absolute optical power or measure a relative loss of optical power through optical. In optical system, measuring optical power is the most basic thing, is very like the multimeter in electronics. In optical measurements, optical power meter is commonly used in heavy duty work. A optical power meter is able to evaluate the performance of fiber optic transmission equipment by measuring absolute power of optical transmitter unit or optical internet. It is able to measure connection loss, test continuity and help to evaluate transmission quality of fiber link with a power meter and stabilized light source used in combination.
The unit of optical power meter is dbm. In the manual of fiber-optic transceiver or switchboard, has its light-emitting and receiving optical power. Usually, when the emitting is less than 0dbm, the minimum optical power that receiver received is called sensitivity; and the unit of the value that the maximum the receiver received minus the sensitivity is db (dbm-dbm=db), which is known as dynamic range. Emitting power minus received sensitivity is the allowed fiber attenuation values. The value of the optical power that actually emitted minus the actually received is the fiber attenuation (db). The optimum value of optical power that receiver received is “the maximum optical power that could receive – (Dynamic Range /2)”, but generally not so good, because the dynamic range of every optical transceivers and modules is......